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November 2009

Using cell phones to 'augment reality'

By RACHEL METZ - AP Technology Writer -

Sunday, October 04, 2009 SAN FRANCISCO -- You're walking down the street, looking for a good place to eat. You hold up your cell phone and use it like the viewfinder on a camera, so the screen shows what's in front of you.  But it also shows things you couldn't see before: Brightly colored markers indicating nearby restaurants and bars.   Turn a corner, and the markers reflect the new scene.  Click a marker for a restaurant, and you can see customer reviews and price information.  Decide you'd rather be sightseeing? The indicators are easily changed to give information about the buildings you're passing. Read more »

Apple releases yet another groundbreaking device!


Today Apple released the long rumored Multi-Touch mouse.  In true Apple style, this and several other hardware upgrades were announced, just one day before Microsoft releases Windows 7.

The newly announced "Magic Mouse" melds Apple's exclusive Multi-Touch technology with a traditional mouse form, yielding a unique device - part touchpad and part mouse.

More here on Apple's website

Rumours abound of an Apple "tablet"


Mystery continues to surround the rumoured Apple tablet device (think big iPhone).  This week, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller referred to the "the impending Apple slate" in a dialogue addressing the future direction of the Times.  A transcript can be read here.  The Times' online presence has been prominently featured in Apple advertising, and present rumours allude to cooperation between the two entities to develop an entirely new type of "interactive journalism". Read more »