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May 2010

Adobe CS5 New Feature Redux

As a quick followup to my previous post regarding some awe inspiring new features of Adobe's Photoshop CS5, here is a video released by Adobe evangelist Russell Preston Brown.  His narration is comical (and very enthusiastic), but these new features are nothing to laugh at:

Big Brother is watching ... and his name is Google

Today Google has admitted to collecting data from wireless transmissions within range of its Street View camera car while it has been scouring the streets of the world during the last three years.  Frightening to say the least.  Only unsecured wireless networks and WiFi hotspots could fall victim to this type of invasion of privacy; it is yet another compelling reason to ensure your wireless network is secured to today's standards.  

More here from BBC:

In related news, Facebook is making the press again regarding it's tactless collection and use of personal data.  I expect the backlash will continue, and although I envision a web based on personalized information in the future, the clarity and disclosure of how this is accomplished by the companies responsible is a subject which will continue to be in the headlines for some time to come.  I imagine the backlash against strong-arm type tactics like Facebook uses will continue to gain support.  I don't however expect Facebook to change their tactics until it begins to effect their profits, which is not likely to happen anytime soon.  

More here, also from BBC: