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Rumours abound of an Apple "tablet"


Mystery continues to surround the rumoured Apple tablet device (think big iPhone).  This week, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller referred to the "the impending Apple slate" in a dialogue addressing the future direction of the Times.  A transcript can be read here.  The Times' online presence has been prominently featured in Apple advertising, and present rumours allude to cooperation between the two entities to develop an entirely new type of "interactive journalism".

Apple "Tablet" concept image snatched from Gizmodo

Concept photo courtesy of Gizmodo 

Recent days have also seen listings by Chinese manufacturers for an oversized SIM card tray, similar to the one used in the iPhone.  No doubt the "Tablet" device would incorporate cell network technology to allow online access virtually anywhere, making the discovery of the SIM tray a very convincing piece of evidence pointing to the imminent release of this product.  More on the tray here.  

Conjecture and rumour are great fun when it comes to the latest Apple fad, and this one is sure to be a game changer for many aspects of the journalism industry if it's true.  And just imagine the potential for multimedia control (think giant interactive remote!)