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Jake Dambergs

Launchpad Tech Support was launched in January of 2009 by myself, Jake Dambergs.  My past has afforded me a wide range of experience in many fields:  retail, construction, the arts, including being a former (founding) member of Onelight Theatre, based here in Halifax.  

This experience with a small non-profit and arts organization was one of the primary motivating factors behind the initiation of Launchpad, and affords me valuable experience when dealing with this type of organization.  As such, consultation, solutions and services for art-centric small businesses is a specialty; I'm familiar with the unique set of needs and restrictions involved.

My Mandate

The Launchpad Tech Support philosophy differs from the industry standard due to a belief in client empowerment through demystification and education.  

Apple product are designed very carefully with the end user in mind.  This feature can help decrease the reliance on support services, but unfortunately more often than not the opposite is true.  The industry standard remains to create a reliance on outside technical support, as this is beneficial for the bottom line (of the support providers).  Although often unintentional (or at least not malicious), this reliance is typically the result of the withholding or non-disclosure of information, although sometimes is simply the result of poorly (or not at all) trained support providers.  

I aim to break this cycle by offering clients clear explanations whenever requested, and no information about your computers, software or network will ever be intentionally withheld (for example software licenses or passwords).  Of course, tech-speak and the nitty gritty details can certainly be avoided, my aim is to leave this choice in your hands.

My Apple certifications include Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5, 10.6, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.7, Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, and I am an Apple Consultants Network alummnus.

Please contact me directly with any inquiries.  My e-address and phone number are at the bottom of this page.