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Our Services

Launchpad Tech Support provides Apple certified support for both hardware and software.  Call us today for a free assesment.

Technical services
We can solve most problems with one housecall.

Mobile Support

Let us come to you!

We specialize in premium on-site support of Apple brand products.  Why wait in line when we can come to you? We can often solve your problems in just one visit!


Smart Network

Improve your network's IQ.

Want to go wireless?  Having problems staying connected?  We specialize in wireless network design and troubleshooting.

Smart Network - contact us now!


Consulting services
We can take the guesswork out of common computer decisions.

Match Maker

Which Mac is right for you?

Launchpad Tech Support offers informed advice based on a deep working knowledge of the latest devices and trends.  Need a new computer?  Looking to revamp your media centre?  Don't get overwhelmed by options - we'll find the perfect match for you!

Lesson Plan

Take Charge!

Feel like your computer is out of control?  We believe the fastest and easiest way to take command of your high-tech devices is by diving right in and using them.  If you're not one for reading instruction manuals or watching online tutorials, then our one on one on-site instruction is perfect for you.  Take charge today!

Lesson Plan - contact Jake now!